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Eleventh Trade

I turned the result of the Tshirt Trade into a Rock the House with WONDERboom experience

Ninth & Tenth Trades

My next 2 trades involved Eran and Eric of Springleap, 375 Tshirts and another 216 people.

Eighth Trade

I traded the hot air balloon flight with Dj Al Your Pal for a party of the century!

Sixth Trade

I traded the holiday for cash with Gaynor and Gerald, and that turned into quite an experiment

Fifth Trade

I trade the 2 cases of First Sighting Wine with Claire for a Holiday in Utopia

Seventh Trade

I trade the cash with Claire for a hot air balloon flight

Fourth Trade

I trade the 2 business books with Nick for 18 bottles of First Sighting Wine

Third Trade

I traded the toy frog with Retha for 2 business books

Second Trade

I traded the green pen for a toy frog with Megan