My sixth trade ended up being for R3000 cash. I was reluctant to trade for cash, but Gaynor and Gerald insisted that they only had money to offer, and I thought then that it might be an interesting experiment.

Also, I hadn’t had another offer that seemed right for the holiday. I had been offered a box of matches (haha!), another bottle of alchohol, Juvio software, and a jar of jelly beans.

So then when the two people I traded with – Gaynor and Gerald both contacted me seperatedly, and the holiday was able to be broken into 2 seperate weekends, I thought of then trading with 2 people.

And they both offered R1500, so voila! With their offers, opening up to the possiblity of trading with 2 people, and then the idea of experimenting by trying to barter with cash, I traded with them.

I never got to meet Gaynor, it was all via email, and Gerald was my neighbour at that time. And I haven’t been able to get hold of either of them to recap our trades.

It was surprising to hear from Claire (Trade 5 for the Holiday) though, that neither of them ended up taking up the holiday! Claire contacted them quite a few times, but busy Jozi style, it never happened.

So here I was now, with cash up to trade and wondering if I could turn that cash into a higher value. Here’s what happened with that experiment! (And why I won’t be bartering with cash again!)

Gerald, Telana and Gaynor