After my sixth trade for R3000 cash, the experiment began. And what a learning curve!

I learnt that you can’t barter with cash… dooh! Because the value is so specific and agreed upon by society, it was difficult to barter up in value.

So many of the 118 offers (yes, I was made the most offers for the cash) were for exactly R3000, sometimes even less! And very rarely for more.

The offers included the following:

  • so much tech! From laptops, cell phones, PS2 consoles, speakers, subwoofers, to cameras, scanners and dvd players.
  • equipment, like an industrial washing machine, ovens, fridges, treadmills, a generator, driveway gates, surfboards.
  • banner adverts, security alarm systems, eye makeup, fountain pen, Dolce & Gabanna watch.
  • Guess jeans, motor bike helmuts and racing suit, baby items and a sari.
  • pool table, japanese swords and knife collections.
  • bullet proof vests.
  • 10 fish in a tank, Mandela R5 coins, holiday vouchers.
  • services like BEE consulting, admin services, pamper days.
  • Luke offered a date with his father!
  • furniture, a saxophone and 3 different guitars.
  • 2 crates of beads and a gemstone.
  • tyre rims and mag wheels.
  • a 1996 Hysyng GA 125 motorbike.
  • 4 months office space (yes! I was offered office space, but enough for only me and for too short a period).
  • a wild stallion or a Nguni bull.

Out of all these offers, I seriously explored one of the guitars – I was planning to drive down to Durban that next weekend to do the trade while I was researching the guitar, which then uncovered info that led me to change my mind.

I also really looked seriously into the Motorbike – I even had a friend who was mechanical and into bikes to go and look at the bike for me, but it was in poor condition to trade on later, so I declined.

And then through synchronistic events (which I explained in this blog, where I tracked how I was born to make my next trade with Claire in how I met her) I was at a dinner party and quizzing a lady there about the wild stallion offer I was looking into.

Within a minute Claire and I were shaking hands and trading for a hot air balloon flight- as we share in our recap:

What happened next? Coming up soon.