Telana Simpson, also known as the ‘matchstick girl, has been trading a single matchstick up in value with the ultimate goal of reaching office space, which she wanted to offer to start-up entrepreneurs to help them get their businesses off the ground.

She traded a matchstick for a pen, and then swapped the pen for a toy frog, and the toy for two books. The books she traded for two cases of First Sighting wine, and has continued trading up in value. She reached her goal in January 2024, where she concluded her final trade with Allon Raiz of Raizcorp.

She has 6 months of office space to offer a startup entrepreneur, and applications for this opens on 1st March 2024 – you can find the details of how to apply here.

The podcast born out of the onematchstick office, is the virtual part of the office space, and launched on 29 February 2024. It is called “Risk & Rise” and aims to change the way South Africans perceive failure, and help them to overcome the fear of failing.

Todays focus for onematchstick

The onematchstick project, being a pioneering initiative that has been igniting positive change and fostering resilience in individuals and communities, can now move to a new phase of contributing.

Through a combination of keynote talks, coaching, workshops, and creative interventions, Telana will use the project to empower people to overcome challenges, unlock their potential, and make meaningful contributions to society.

onematchstick emphasizes the power of small actions to spark significant transformations, drawing inspiration from the analogy of a single match igniting a blaze. By equipping individuals with tools for self-discovery, growth, and collaboration, the project aims to create a ripple effect of positive impact, ultimately fostering a more connected, resilient, and thriving world.

For more information contact Telana.