I got 34 offers for the hot air balloon flight, and the list included:

  • websites, graphic design services, SEO services
  • computers, phones
  • dental work! Yes a whole jaw reconstruction
  • paintings
  • a collector’s coin and a stamp
  • a solar geyser
  • photo shoot
  • dinner and
  • cash (again! Ranging from R500 to R2000).

I had the most fun on the 702 interview receiving offers, and after researching so many of the offers, I decided to trade with DJ Al Your Pal (he’s now a DJ on Mix 93.8 FM Radio). He offered me a PARTY OF THE CENTURY!

We traded and then I put the party up for trade. And at some point I got a tweet (twitter was so new in those days!) which led me to my next rade…. coming soon!