My Current Trade is: 3 Boxes of Tech for an Off the Grid Lifestyle

I traded the WONDERboom private rock concert with Rene and Nina for 3 boxes of gear and gadgets – lots of goodies that will take you off the grid! (READ more about this here).

Here’s what I’m offering:

I unboxd the 3 boxes live on Facebook here, and on Instagram here to show you the items!

>>DOWNLOAD the PDF of all the tech in these 3 boxes here

Change your stagnant, office-bound life for a more mobile, flexible lifestyle with these three bundles of gadgets (all tech in the photo above!). 
(I’ll even throw in a Breakthrough Coaching session if you need a change in Mindset too!)

1. The Mobile Office 

This bundle has everything you need for a virtual office that goes where you go, because your office is wherever you are. If you want to work from your home, a café, a mountain top, the airport, your car, or any other moving target, then these accessories are for you. It includes covers for smartphones and stands for iPads, a dualsync cable, stylus pens, car cup holder mount, tripods and stands for phones and cameras for teleconferencing, notebook speakers, Bluetooth headset, adapter lightning to USB cable and 7 port USB hub. Plus the awesome PowerGorilla solar panel for all your charging needs, and Jabro Revo headset. Carry it all in a STM bag.

2. The Outdoor Enthusiast 

Get active and adventurous with these accessories, including more hardy phone cases, keysync cable as your key ring, more tripods and stands, wireless earbuds, Runtastic heart rate monitor and armband. Also a Powermonkey Explorer solar panel for outdoor charging of your devices, and another Jabro headset. Plus a STM sleeve to keep your tablet safe.

** NEW ADDITION:  Michael Tucker donated a Wildlife Photography Master Class for whoever I trade with- read more here**

3. The Night Time Warrior

From the glow in the dark iPhone case and docking stand, to the Joby Gorilla torch, you’re even set for night time explorations. A mini Gorilla solar panel to power up devices, another stylus pen, Bluetooth headset and a magnetic tripod, amongst more covers, cables, and another Jabra headset too. As well as another STM sleeve to keep your tablet safe.

Brands include:

  • Ori for iPad
  • Macally stylus pens, cables, holders and hubs
  • Joby Gorilla tripods and stands
  • Logitech Speakers
  • Sketch covers for smartphones and tablets
  • Plantronics Bluetooth headsets
  • Power Traveller solar panel charging devices
  • Dodo cases
  • Ce-Link cables
  • Jabra headsets
  • STM bags
  • Runtastic heart rate monitor and armband
  • Voucher

What’s excluded: 

All you need to do is add the following for your Off the Grid Lifestyle to be complete:

  • Your Smartphone, tablet and laptop
  • Your internet connection
  • Your adventurous and free spirit

Next Step:

So to have your Off the Grid Lifestyle, make me an offer!

What would you trade with me for having the active, on-the-go, adventure seeking and professional lifestyle you dream of, where you get to work and play, spend time with loved ones and make those big deals?

Get in touch with me and let’s chat. I’ll then give you all the specifics on the tech that will move with your pace of life, and we can work out a deal… on-the-go… wherever you and I are.  
(DOWNLOAD a PDF of this item here)

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