We reached the end goal of offices officially on 9th January 2024.
6421 days after I started with one single matchstick.
And then all the items were delivered by 14th February 2024.

Now we are on the search to find the start-up entrepreneur who will get to use the office space.

To back track a bit:- my strategy was to work backwards from the office space, to trade back down to my 12th trade, (which was the 3 boxes of gear). So I sent an email, got a reply, and then met with Allon Raiz, and he agreed to trade with me for the office space.

He gave me a menu list of items that I could go find to trade, and out of that I managed to find:

So here we are – having reached the end goal of the trading, and starting a new journey of helping entrepreneurs overcome the fear of failure.

What do you think of this journey? Share in the comments below, I’d love to hear!