We have a deal! And so we are one step closer to finalising the last onematchstick trade for the office space to help some start-up entrepreneurs get their business off the ground!

Here’s the overview of this part of the final trade:

  • On Allon’s trade wishlist was a podium.
  • Clear Design is making this awesome, perfect podium, with Raizcorp’s logo on it for me, and it will be delivered in January.
  • Clear Design wanted in exchange a sales trainer and motivational speaker to do a session for them at their 2024 sales team kick off event, and Brian de Beer will be doing that session in January.
  • I will be trading Brian for doing this session (for the podium) with sponsorship of the soon to be launched onematchstick podcast, “Risk & Rise“, as well as assisting him in getting his own podcast launched.
  • And to connect this 4 way trade back to my onematchstick string of trades, I will get another one of the boxes of gear that is part of my current item up for trade. (I had no idea I myself would be trading with myself in this funny roundabout kind of way! But anything is possible, and everything is negotiable!).

To summarise this deal

A box of gear -> Telana for podcast consulting -> Brian for Sales Training -> Clear Design for a podium -> Allon for office space.

And a reminder of the blinds part of this final trade:

A box of gear -> Telana for a [be brave] Coaching Package -> The Blind Guys for blinds -> Allon for office space.

What’s left?

Now I just need to find the TV and the Projector, and then we’ve reached the onematchstick journey end goal!
Any ideas on how to trade for these items? Give me a call on 0837302979.
(I do have a proposal out, but waiting with baited breath to hear back!)