Thank you for helping me as now we have a name for the podcast – the overwhelming majority of votes were for “Risk & Rise” over the name “Catch Courage”.

So we need a logo now – some way to represent the podcast show that will be all about taking risks by overcoming our fear of failure or rejection, so that we can rise up to opportunities and make wonderful things happen!

Below are a collection of just some rough ideas – I’d appreciate if you vote for the style you think is catchy and represents our theme, as that will help me come up with the final logo.

Please just indicate in the comments below, which logo you think has some potential, and let’s see where this creation process leads us to!

For a reminder, here is more info about the podcast:

VISION of the podcast:

The aim of ‘Risk & Rise’ is to create a movement of courageous individuals who have harnessed their risk-fit capabilities to start a business, achieve their dreams and redefine their limits.

MISSION of the podcast:

‘Risk & Rise’ is committed to helping people overcome their fear of failure, become risk-fit, and gain the confidence to start new ventures and lead more courageous lives.