The final goal of the onematchstick story is to help Startup Entrepreneurs overcome the fear of failure, to become more courageous and bold in starting and growing their businesses.

And it is to share the onematchstick office space with two Startup Entreprenuers, to help them get their businesses off the ground.

It’s time to start this part, as the final trade with Allon for the office space is coming together so nicely! (We got news yesterday of a meeting with the MD of Hydraform for the brick making machine trade, and the installation date for the blinds trade – see this video update here).

I’ll be using a PODCAST to share the journey, resources and highlights of this next step, and to choose which startups get the onematchstick office space!

The podcast needs a name, and I am asking you to help me choose one! I have come up with two, so let me explain the podcast and the names, and then you can give me your input?

VISION of the podcast:

The aim of this podcast is to create a movement of courageous individuals who have harnessed their risk-fit capabilities to start a business, achieve their dreams and redefine their limits.

MISSION of the podcast:

This podcast is committed to helping people overcome their fear of failure, become risk-fit, and gain the confidence to start new ventures and lead more courageous lives.

Possible names:

I have come up with 2 names, so please would you vote for your favourite? Which one most captures the Vision and Mission, and is a podcats you would want to be a part of?


‘Catch Courage’
Overcome fear, one courageous step at a time


‘Risk & Rise’
Defying fear to be risk-fit & ready for business & life

Share in the comments your favourites name for the onematchstick podcast, and let’s get it going!