The final trade for onematchstick is done! We have reached the goal of office space for a few startup entrepreneurs! Yeehaa!

I had a possible trade with Ketha Innovations for the TV and projector for Allon, where they wanted the brick making machine, and after weeks of emails and zooms and negotiating with the suppliers of the machine, we just didn’t find a way to make the barter part of the trade work. It happens that way sometimes, with trading onematchstick style.

So for a few days I just kept thinking of who I could approach, who might be interested in some kind of 2 way, or 3 way, or more ways kind of deal to make this last trade happen.

bidorbuy recently has evolved in such an exciting way into Bob Shop, and they as part of the Bob Group, have a very useful and interesting offering for entrepreneurs selling online. And I know the Founder behind it all, Andy Higgins. (Disclosure: I actually was Andy’s first employee many moons ago, in bidorbuy’s startup phase, which I think sparked my interest in startup entrepreneurship!)

So I thought if nothing else, just asking Andy would lead to something, or to the next step forward.

And to my delight, Andy said yes – he’d like to empower his staff with some of my courage coaching and masterclasses! So again I am part of my own trade, and in exchange for helping to develop the teams at Bob Group, I get the last of the 3 boxes of gear!

And excitingly, we are still involving France and his team at Ketha Innovations, as they will be installing the TV and projector!

I got confirmation just two days ago from Allon that he agrees to the trade and, said he’s “happy that this is concluded.”

I sure am too. Now I’m finalising the installation, and I have a surprise quirky item for Allon to seal the deal! (Can you guess what it is from this video?)