Earlier this week I met with Wynand of Blind Guys at Raizcorp to measure the windows for the blinds. We discussed that I could offer some of his franchisees some coaching in exchange for the blinds.

So today we swapped proposals, and sent our offer to Allon of Raizcorp, and now we wait to hear if we have a deal!

Here’s the lowdown on my trade with the Blind Guys Trade:

One box of gear to me for my offer of Coaching.
Coaching to Wynand for his offer of Blinds.
Blinds to Allon for part of my trade with him for the office space.

Then I am looking for someone to trade with me for one brick making machine.
Brick making machine would go to France, Cindy and Vuyo of Ketha Innovation for a 60 inch plasma TV and top of the range projector.
The TV and projector goes to Allon for more towards my trade with him for the office space.

I still need someone to trade with for a lectern/podium!

The final trade of the onematchstick office space from Allon then goes to 2 startup entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground!

And hopefully that results in these startups creating some new jobs in our country!

Cheer me on by sharing this page or one of the reel videos, to help me find the brick making machine and the lectern! Thanks!!!