Networking helps!

I put out a request for help within my network, and I got this great whatsapp back on the weekend:

So we set up a Zoom and yesterday I got to virtually meet the team at Ketha Innovation: Cindy, Frans and Vuyo! What a trio 🙂

Not only do they get bartering, and are open to it, they also already have an idea of what they might trade for, if they offered me some TV’s and a projector (maybe even blinds too!). They need…wait for it….

… they need a machine that makes bricks! What fun to have to find a brick making machine that I could possibly trade on.

So while I am getting more specs on what Allon needs for my trade with him (to see if they can source these items), so the team are chatting about if they could use my CURRENT ITEM of the 3 boxes of goodies that take your office off the grid! Or what else they need that is a fair exchange for the TV’s and projector.

I really enjoy doing these negotiations, and especially with this young, vibey and forward thinking start up (yes they are a new business, and full of beans and drones and ideas and energy!)

So if you are reading this and happen to have a brick-making machine lying around – do CONTACT ME on 0837302979. Thanks!