Thanks again to my network I have been put in touch with 5 amazing Sales Trainers and Motivational Speakers, for my possible trade for the podium!

So the background story to this is here, and 2 days ago I emailed Christa with the contact details of the 5 people all willing to trade with me, to help us get the podium that is needed for my final trade with Allon.

I’d like to introduce you to these 5 rockstars, as they all have something to contribute to entrepreneurs and business owners, and I’m hoping to get them all on my podcast “Risk & Rise” next year so we can learn more from them. They also can add value to any Sales Team’s SKO (Sales Kickoff – a term I just learnt from Clive!). In the meantime, meet:

Anthony Nathan

I met Anthony of TMARA at a Civitas networking event, and he’s all about how to turn your products into must-haves, and to find the viable product-market fit.

Bekezela Ngwenya

I was referred to Bekezela of Beracah Consulting by my long time friend, Clive Price of The Peer Group who just said wonderful things about Bekezela.

Brian De Beer

Brian is new to my network (thanks Andrea) and says he takes the mystery out of sales management ensuring predictable, consistent sales results. More info here.

Jacques de Villiers

I’ve known Jacques for as long a I have been trading this matchstick, or longer, I think! He’s all about sales training, speaking and writing copy. Find out info about him here.

Vinesh Maharaj

Vinesh is all about sales and motivation – as a speaker, training pro, and coach! He was referred to me from a LinkedIn contact (thanks again Andrea 🙂 ) and has a great website here.

Now we wait to hear from Christa as to who is a good fit for her Sales Team Kickoff workshop for 2024, and then I can finalise a trade with that person. I’ll update you as soon as I can!