Do you know a Sales Expert? Someone who can deliver an exceptional, motivational talk to inspire a sales team?

Please introduce me to them, as I need to find someone to trade with to finish my last onematchstick trade, to help start-ups.

This will help me get the awesome “Forescolor Eco Podium” from Clear Design, that is part of my last trade. And Clear Design want to get their sales team all ready to ace 2024 next year, in exchange for this perfect podium.

We’re looking for a talk that would compliment the Sales Director’s workshop in early 2024, that will motivate her sales team and get them ready for their best sales year yet!

So please help me network and share this with your best sales trainer or coach? And get them in touch with me, so we can work out if we can make a trade happen?

You rock! Thanks 

(view video on Facebook here)

UPDATE 8 Dec 2023: Here is the list of trainers referred to me that I have sent as my proposal