Have I failed?

In the search for the onematchstick startup, the entrepreneur who will get 6 months rent free office space, I feel like I have failed in some way.

The search didn’t meet my expectations… Phase One closed yesterday (5 April), with only one application, where I expected many, many more!  So many more that we came up with this 3-phase approach to find the one startup who would get the onematchstick office space.

I am delighted that we had one application (Ayanda, I will be in touch soon to discuss your application!) – don’t get me wrong!  I jumped around with excitement and listened to Ayanda a few times when her application came in.  Yet I can’t help wondering if I failed to get the word out, that this opportunity is available…?

I contacted 8 radio stations, and 5 DJ’s directly. I contacted 6 organisations that work with entrepreneurs, and asked 11 people how have strong business networks to help. 

And from that I got this one article, and a few social media shares of my content.

So I am wondering where I might have failed – What do you think?

  • Do startups just not need office space nowadays?
  • Could I have done more?
  • Or could I run this search in a better way?

What am I missing?  I would love to hear some thoughts and suggestions and ideas… Because I know that there is no such thing as failure, only feedback – so I need to turn this “fail” into info to do better.

Please help 🙏