I’ve been chipping away at this Wish List for items to make my final trade happen. I’m in negotiations still with people for a lecturn…. and for blinds…

And I made it right to the final negotiation with the carpets for the training room!

Yes! Brandon of KBAC Flooring had made me an offer for this Vanguard carpet collection, that was partly cash, partly barter, and Allon agreed in principle.

When it came to finalising the deal, and the Raizcorp team checked their priorities, they decided that they needed other things more urgently for the training room, than redoing the carpets.

So that’s how this trading thing goes! Some you win, some you come so close to and yet you lose. I am so grateful though for Brandon being so open and creative in our trading negotiating – you rock Mr Park!

And I at least now have an updated, priority list of possible items for this last trade.
So, off I go to make it happen.