Just recently, I received this offer of additional support of some great software solutions, for the onematchstick entrepreneur. Applications closed on the 3rd May, and next week I will be announcing who is getting the onematchstick office space, and thus also this exciting addition.

I am excited to announce that the person who now has the onematchstick office, has also been awarded, thanks to the generosity of the team at Cognosys, a whole IT support package to complement their startup’s time in the onematchstick office.

Eugene and his team are offering the onematchstick entrepreneur a full business process automation package for 6 months.

This includes a website (complete with content management system, product listings, newsletters, CRM and a blog).  There’s a CRM package; plus software that helps you with a sales pipeline; as well as ERP (enterprise resource management) capabilities (which includes accounting, HR, payroll, logistics and manufacturing);  and ecommerce that can be incorporated into the website.

Cognosys is offering six months hosting for all of this – whatever the onematchstick entrepreneur is going to need – in order to make the most of the office space and get their business to that next level.

So how exciting! And thank you so much to Eugene and the team at Cognosys!