I traded the matchstick with Nikki for an ordinary green ballpoint pen. And that pen I traded with Megan for a toy frog. We called him Rodrigus Rana, or Rod for short. Then I got offers for the frog that included a doll that raised funds for AIDS orphans, some books, and an optical mouse with 5 CD’s…

  • Who did I trade Rod the Frog with?
  • And for what?
@telanasimpson Now I had Rod the #Frog. What would you have traded with me for the frog? I swapped him with Retha for trade number 3 in #onematchstick ♬ original sound – Telana Simpson | Courage Coach

I chose the books, and traded with Retha at the opening of her Wellness Centre in Johannesburg. Retha was a good sport, and allowed Rod the Frog to go on many adventures.

Retha and I trading.

And the books were great for startup businesses and entrepreneurs. They were “The Mentor” by Jack Carew, and “Fire & Ice” by Mike Lipkin and Reg Lascaris about their business experience in South Africa.

Telana & Reg Lascaris at Heavy Chef

I actually got to meet Reg Lascaris in 2014 at a Heavy Chef event, where he was speaking about his latest book at the time, called “Lessons from the boot of a car”.

It shares what he learnt growing a start up from out of the book of his car, to becoming one of the most successful advertising powerhouses TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris.

Next up- what offers did I get for “Jack, Mike & Reg”? And who did I chose to trade with?